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Realizing the intensity of competition in the labor market and the importance of excellence in providing high-quality services that meet the needs of customers and achieve their desires for the company's success and growth, therefore the company’s goals are as follows:

1- Excellence:

* Outperforming competitors in supplying products with high quality and reasonable price.

* Satisfy customers and exceed their expectations.

* Excellent maintenance service.

2- Leadership:

*Achieving high growth rates.

* Provide a role model for after-sales service.

3- Commitment:

* Continuous quality improvement.

* Provide everything new to customers, the best quality and the lowest price.

* Achieve customer satisfaction.

*Achieving employee satisfaction.

Achieving continuous development will only be achieved through effective competence and workmanship and after-sales service to maintain our customer base and satisfy new customers and add everything new and available to them.